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Good Life

  July 2014
Wednesday the 9th Good Life - Seneca CB
Wednesday the 9th Provider MeetingClick for details
Thursday the 10th Good Life - Seneca CB
Wednesday the 16th Good Life - Seneca CB
Thursday the 17th Good Life - Seneca CB
Wednesday the 23rd Board Meeting 12:00 BG
Thursday the 24th Community Connections - NCOESC
Tuesday the 29th Good Life GraduationClick for details
Wednesday the 30th Management Training 4:00 - 8:00 Camden Falls

Clearwater Council of Governments is committed to persons with developmental disabilities enabling them to shape their own lives through community living choices.

  • All people have dreams and aspirations. A commitment to helping people determine their dreams, and respecting those dreams, is essential.
  • Everyone has the ability to contribute to their community in a meaningful way. Giving of ourselves establishes a sense of belonging.
  • It is crucial to have a support network or circle of close friends and family to provide strength and assistance. Helping people develop and maintain relationships is an on-going process.
  • If people have choice and control, they will purchase services in a way that will allow them to get what they need, pay only for what they get, make real investments, and spend money more efficiently.
  • The role of the professional must change from working for the system to working for people. Professionals will be instrumental to linking people to supports, helping them create relationships, and help make dreams come true.
  • Self-determination requires the attitude that nothing is impossible. "No" becomes "How can we do this?"